Alaska Highway

While the wilderness is never far away in this peaceful region of North America, its existence is always making itself clearly known. Mile upon mile of nothingness will great you for days upon days; but found within that nothingness is the greatest adventure of all. The allure of the Alaska Highway has drawn us to this remoteness not because of what is there but more for what is not. This is truly, The Road Less Traveled, Welcome to the Last Frontier and have a safe trip.

Alaska Highway in the Yukon.

Whether this is your first trip or 20th trip; let Campgrounds Alaska show you the Alaska Highway like you have never seen it before. Sit back and follow along as we travel the Alaska Highway in pictures to give you a look into what you are about to experience. Yes, the Alaska Highway is desolate but we are about to show you it's not the dirty gravel road it once was. The following pages will take you on a photojournalistic adventure up the Alaska highway from Mile "0" in Dawson Creek, B.C. to the Alaska Border crossing at Beaver Creek, Yukon.

Alaska Highway  Alaska Hwy, Summit Campground in the Stone Mountains.

Driving to Alaska on the Alaska Hwy.

Driving the Alaska Highway, (Alcan Highway), is not that different than many of the less traveled highways where you're from. Now that doesn't mean it's not remote but rather a remark about the conditions of the road itself.

Cooper ST Maxx tires for driving the Alaska Highway in the fall and winter.When the Alaska Highway is in the future we can not suggest strongly enough that the need is there for really good tires as there are many miles and few services stations waiting in the wilds of the Alaska Highway. Don't overlook the need for a spare either as a 200 mile tow bill will really make you wish you hadn't.

We have found the Cooper brand of tires to be a strong and durable tire and use both the Cooper AT3 in the summer and the Cooper ST Maxx in the fall and winter months. We have traveled the Alaska Highway both ways many times on the Cooper tires and they have never failed up once.

All through this site we will be dropping hints as to the things we have found that work for us. With over thirty trip over the Alaska Highway, we have seen a fair piece of problems and have to say, a lack of preparation is typically at the root to the problems. Prevention is key when your miles and miles from any help.

The Cooper ST Maxx tires in the photo to the left have 3 round trips on them between Kenai Alaska and Spokane Washington. That's 15,000 miles of not so gentle driving as two of those trips were done in a hurry and completed in under three days. We'll add some pictures of one of the trips where we made the drive in under 58 hours in December trying to get our son home from college to spend the Christmas holiday with his mom; we made it too. Boy, that kid can drive! Thank God for seatbelts and tranquilizers.

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