Alaska Cruises

From our Alaska Cruise Tour with Holland America.

Alaska and Yukon Cruise Tours are a great way to visit more of Alaska and the historic Klondike of the Yukon. These tours take you to see the most popular destinations including Denali National Park, the magnificent Yukon River, the majestic Kluane National Park and towns like Dawson City, Carcross, Whitehorse and more.

Holland America Alaska Cruise Tours

While an Alaska cruise through the pristine waters of the Inside Passage can be the highlight for many travelers, the magnitude of Alaska justifies adding a land tour to the cruise itinerary. Many cruise lines offer extended Alaska cruise tours where you start with a land segment through Alaska and Canada and finish with a 7 day Alaskan cruise from Whittier or Seward.

Carcross Yukon visited from Skagway with Holland America Tours.Once you arrive in Whittier Alaska, or possibly Seward Alaska to the west, here is where your Alaskan land adventure can take off in any direction you choose. Climb into a rental RV and drive off into the midnight sun. Camp out in Denali at the shadows of magnificent Mount McKinley, explore the trails around Matanuska Glacier or hike up Seward's Exit Glacier. Why not try a little of that world famous Alaska fishing with a combination salmon and halibut fishing trip out of Valdez Alaska. Tour the terminus of the Alaska pipeline and watch as giant tankers load the cargo of Alaska's black gold. Why not at least consider this option for a family cruise followed by a memory making camping trip in the frontiers of Alaska?

At the end of any Alaska Cruise is the option to rent a RV and see Alaska on your own.