Tell Your Friends About Camping in Alaska.

Here we're going to look at and try to answer the question, where can we pitch our tent along the Alaska Highway? With tent camping growing in popularity, it's time we address this issue and continue to develop more about the rules of tent camping on the Alaska Hwy.

Tent Camping Along the Alaska Highway

Today it is common to see bicyclists and motorcycles pitching a tent and camping along the Alaska Highway.

What are the rules about tent camping along the Alcan? Well we see a number of places that are welcoming to tents and we also have been seeing more and more places being put off limits to them too.

We also see a number of really amazing RV parks that have areas set up especially for tenting and one in particular that really has an area catering to tent camping. Discovery Yukon Lodgings and Historical Museum is way ahead of the rest and offers outstanding tent camping options from pitch your own to stay in their wood floored wall tents complete with actual beds and a well loved heater too. If the weather is not so nice, no problem. These tents are a welcome home away from home at a price that will go very easy on your budget.


Alaska Highway Camping

Tent Camping Along the Alaska Highway