Alaska Highway Cabins For Rent

The Alaska Highway was built during the beginning of WW2 by soldiers from both the American and Canadian Army's to support the defense of Alaska and the west coast from any possible invaders. This insurmountable effort left behind a history of sweat and tears but never defeat. You can relive a lot of these moments by visiting the living museum at Discovery Yukon Lodgings located between magnificent Kluane Lake and the Alaska Border.

Yukon Cabins For Rent     Yukon Cabins For Rent     Yukon Cabins For Rent

It was brought to our attention that many travelers were very interested in our including Alaska Highway campgrounds with cabins for rent. We spoke to many people riding bicycles, motorcycles, driving cars and others that were interested in cabin or yurt rentals along the road. It just makes sense that we include these as we travel and update the site from now on. For those looking for Alaska Highway cabin rentals, as of 2014 we will be including these in their own directory for cabins for rent on the Alaska Highway.



Rent A Tent in the Yukon

Yurt style camping is available in these extremely cozy hard floor wall tents very similar to what the servicemen working on the Alaska Highway would have slept in back in 1941. There are some differences as there are electric lights, fuel oil heaters and some very appreciated queen and twin beds for a restful night in the Yukon wilderness.

Yukon Yurts For Rent     Yurt Style Tents For Rent Alaska Highway     Yukon Cabins For Rent

Both Alaska Highway tent and yurt rentals will be added as we locate these from now on too. The ones above are from Discovery Yukon Lodgings. These have become very popular with the growing numbers of younger travelers we are seeing along the Alcan today. So we will be keeping an eye out for all of the options in lodging from this day on and listing each as we become aware of their existance.

Alaska Highway Cabin Rentals in Toad River B.C.

The Populars Cabins and Campground offers beautiful cabins for rent with a view that is worthy of the stay.

Cabin Rentals near Toad River, B.C. along the Alaska Highway.     Alaska Highway Cabin Rental, Toad River B.C.     Elk in the Popular Campground

With some of the best prices along the Alaska Highway for cabin rentals near Toad River, B.C. The Populars offers both single units and duplex style cabin rentals.