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Alaskan Brewery Company Juneau Alaska

By THERESA SOLEY, Contributing Writer, Alaska Campgrounds

Juneau is home to the growing craft brewery Alaskan Brewery Company.  The brewery started small in 1986 as a micro, and since has expanded to thirteen states down South.  The brewery offers a wide range of brews to satisfy all beer palates, from the award-winning amber to a citrusy Belgium, as well as a long list of seasonal flavors.  The brewery stands as a strong Alaskan symbol, utilizing a range of northern images to match each type of beer.

The brewery prides itself on some of its sustainable techniques.  Alaskan brewing was the first to capture carbon dioxide emitted during the brewing process and utilize it for other purposes like packaging.  They also recently began recycling spent grain, also using it to meet energy needs of the brewery.  The brewing company claims to have reduced oil usage by over 65% as well as lessened water usage by two million gallons.

Alaskan Amber, Juneau Alaska.The brewery offers six free tastings as well as a commentary where one can peer into the brewing process.  While the brewery doesn't offer a walking tour, the talk provides substantial information about history and brewing customs.  There is also a large window where you can see some of the brewing equipment used.  The commentary is definitely recommended.  Everyone who works at the brewery is very friendly and seems to love their job.

Liquid Alaska offers a convenient shuttle service from downtown to Lemon Creek where the brewery is located.  The talks begin at the top of the hour daily from 11am-6pm and the shuttle leaves downtown twenty minutes prior.


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